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vrijdag, juni 9

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Review: Stephen King Dollar Baby Festival – Garrish (English)
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Review: Stephen King Dollar Baby Festival – Garrish (English)

By Zadok Samson, translated from Dutch by René Damen In April the Stephen King Dollar Baby Festival was live-streamed on YouTube, showing film adaptations of several of King’s short stories, the quality of the movies ranging from amateurish to quite sophisticated. The fun feature was the open chat channel that allowed the public to chime in with the discussion about the shown pictures. One “Dollar Baby” in particular stayed with me: Garrish. Director A.J. Gribble took his inspiration from the short story Cain Rose Up which contains a depiction of a depressed student who shoots down random passers-by from his dormitory window with his rifle. Gribble swapped the male character for a young woman named Kate Garrish (portrayed by Natasha Bogutzki), and gave her an extensive background, us...

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