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maandag, mei 16

Call-to-action (GB) – Deadline removed

Fantasize Call-To-Action for

(and pirates)

Dear readers and followers,

To jumpstart your creative juices, but also to find new talent for our website, we thought it fun to post an inspiring concept;

It started with a virus from China. This affected countries in the West that were already crippled by neo-liberalism and economic crises. Then came the directives that limited the freedom of citizens. Governments pulled in the reins, whereas their citizens slowly rose up. At first through civil disobedience, followed by demonstrations.

Fantasize is inviting you to take this concept and make it your own. We are extremely interested about what you’ll make of this, so get to work! Everything is allowed; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, dystopia, horror, and so on. In writing, art, comic art, animation etc, there’s no limits for your creativity.

Good luck! If you want or need a sparring partner? Contact our editor-in-chief Karen at karen@fantasize.nl!