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dinsdag, mei 30

Tag: Dutch Corona Chronicles

Call to Action – The Dutch Corona Chronicles
Actueel, Satire, Vertellingen

Call to Action – The Dutch Corona Chronicles

By Loraine Bito, illustrations by Gert-Jan van den Bemd for Fantasize World Health Organization (WHO) declared corona-virus a pandemic That morning I woke up with a slight headache which usually preceded my personal seasonal flu period. In an attempt to fight it off I hurried to the grocery store to buy some orange juice. This vitamin C shot had oftentimes helped me circumvent the worst symptoms which would confine me to my bed for a couple of days.  As I had planned to meet a recruiter on Friday the 13th to talk about possible new assignments to start making a name for myself as an independent contractor I was determined to have the meeting. All my hope flew out the window when the muscle ache set in the next morning. At the same time the Dutch Government was slowly taking precautio...

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